Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Juke- Clarksdale, Mississippi

In Clarksdale, Mississippi at a photo workshop lead by David Alan Harvey focusing on the Juke Joint Delta Blues Fest. Experiencing some southern heat to thaw my northern bones and some serious hospitality. No bbq to speak of yet, but stay tuned. For some reason can't get the theme song to True Blood out of my head.

Bill Abel on his own homemade cigar-box guitar. Scratchy, haunting and low-down dirty.

A few of the fine women taking part in the Juke photo workshop.

Beer break with some of Mound Bayou, Mississippi's Vietnam veterans. The oldest all black community in Mississippi, with the exception of the white woman at the bar that is.

A private concert with the great T-Model Ford. 90 and still singing the blues.

45th birthday at the Hopson Plantation. Got up the nerve to belt one out myself. "Your Making Dinner Tonight" didn't go over well with the old codgers at the bar.

Man patiently waiting for Bobby to serve him Mississippi's best hamburger, and best kept secret.

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Day of Silence for the 5th Grade

Each year the 5th graders at Sag Harbor Elementary choose an influential historical character to portray in the "Wax Museum". The venue is open to all students at the school and the general public to experience, and every year it becomes more impressive. Nice work class of 2011. Who knew such beautiful stillness and silence was possible?

Good Dog

Spent some time this weekend photographing the kids, but it's the driving dog that really caught my eye.