Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Published on Slate's Photo Blog, Behold

Honored to have my photo essay published in yesterday's issue of Slate/Behold by David Rosenberg


  1. I think this camp is a great idea, and publishing the photos will help make people think more about the way society normally judges and inhibits boys who want to express femininity. You can see how happy they look in your photos. However do you have any concerns as to whether the photos being publicised will cause the boys to be bullied, and did you ask the kids if they were OK to be photographed, as well as asking the parents? Also, some commenters on Slate expressed concern that the camp seemed to be entirely focussed on dressing up and pageants/fashion shows etc. I doubt that's the case and imagine their are plenty of other activities as well, it's just that the kids can dress how they feel like while doing them?

  2. This camp is such a great thing. It is important for every child to have a place where they can just let themselves BE themselves without worrying about being bullied or humiliated for it. I hope more supportive places like this are created in the future.

  3. My child needs to go to this camp!!! This year!
    can you please email me
    theresafraser@rogers.com or pass my name on to the camp director.
    www.theresafraser.com www.changing-steps.com
    I add these so you can look me up and know that I am sincere.

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